Katlyn's the Name and Organizing is my Game!
A few weeks into a relationship I found out not everyone was as organized as I was. The poor guy had weekly clean laundry thrown into "The Chair" every time a load came out, keeping up with important dates was impossible, and he could never find anything. Low and behold, the nickname I gave him was..."Post It". I literally had to stick Post It notes on the mirror in hopes he would remember. It wasn't entirely a lack of trying, he was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid and no one really gave him the tools to help keep him organized.
I've had friends, family, and coworkers who had some trouble with organization, hoarding, and just so overwhelmed with life that they couldn't figure out how to balance everything! I had the same balancing issue. However, I did a lot of researching and created personalized printables that kept me sorted! I also realized it helped my anxiety and allowed me to RELAX!
You see, I run multiple art businesses. On top of the normal career, like most, I have to balance my family, kids school and after school activities, keeping up the house, cooking, meetings, running around, and all the jazz that comes with being an "adult". 
I have put together methods and printables to help me stay...dare I say it...."Organized"!
Here I am to help a fellow struggling juggler!